Collection #32

We are pleased to announce the release of the Coleman Collection #32 extra virgin olive oil in collaboration with Monte Olivo from Maipo Valley, Chile.

True beauty lies in regional diversity

At Grove and Vine, we chase the harvest through both hemispheres to curate a selection of the freshest extra virgin olive oils in the world and deliver them as swiftly as possible to your door.

After salt, extra virgin olive oil is the most fundamental ingredient in the culinary world. It is the backbone of the Mediterranean diet and Queen of its pantry. Few foods are as versatile or as useful to the home or professional cook. Olive oil pairs well with vegetables, beans, bread, pizza, cheese, soup, salad, seafood, meat, poultry and even dessert.


  • IT


    Tuscia – Lazio, Italy

    An elegant and balanced oil with hints of freshly ripped leaves, almond, and cinnamon, pleasant bitterness with a delayed, elongated peppery finish.





  • CL

    1500 ml

    Maipo Valley, Chile

    A single-estate 2023 early harvest monocultivar Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil from renowned producer Monte Olivo.  Sweet aroma of peach and almond with a leafy flavor, balanced bitterness and a delayed, elongated peppery finish.

    Limited edition pastel label by Marisa Regante.





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All Grove and Vine Coleman Collection extra virgin olive oils are air-shipped stateside during the harvest for absolute quality and freshness.


All bottling of the Coleman Collection oils is directly overseen by Nicholas Coleman at our state-of-the-art FDA certified East Coast partner bottling facility.


Each oil features a hand-typed scroll featuring tasting notes, harvest information, wine pairing suggestions, a regional recipe, and a signed original photograph of the specific site where the olive cultivars grow.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest ways to improve your life

photo by Nicholas Coleman


Action Bronson X Grove and Vine

Grove and Vine is pleased to collaborate with artist Action Bronson on a line of single-estate extra virgin olive oils that are curated to his personal palate and exacting taste. A Flushing, Queens native, his experience and expertise in the culinary sphere knows no bounds. Along with authoring numerous best selling cookbooks, he has traveled the world over for his show F*ck That’s Delicious, meeting with renowned chefs and tasting some of the most exotic concoctions ever created by mankind.

Each of his oils is a limited-edition collectible item featuring his original artwork for the label. The oils come with a scroll detailing specific producer information, a signed photograph of the olive grove, and a print of his original label art, suitable for framing.