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How to Buy the Best Extra-Virgin Olive Oil | Nicholas Coleman

Nicholas Coleman is one of the world’s few oleologists, meaning he’s dedicated his life to the study of the olive and its oil. He’s a globally-renowned lecturer, an advisor to Yale’s Olive Institute, and the co-founder of Grove and Vine.


Bitten: 2016

Nicholas Coleman // On Passion for Olive Oil

Watch this excellent olive oil primer by Grove and Vine co-founder Nicholas Coleman at the Bitten Food Conference.


Feast yr ears

Is it Extra Virgin?

Nicholas Coleman is one half of the company Grove and Vine who seek out, taste, and import the very best olive oil and then send it on to their subscribers. They send out 4 bottles a year, 2 from the Northern and 2 from the Southern hemisphere. Tune in to hear Harry and Nicholas wax poetic about Oil, what to do with it, and why there’s so much mislabeled oil on the market.