The Curation

At Grove and Vine we strive to champion only the world’s finest olive oil producers by chasing the harvest through both hemispheres to curate a collection of the freshest and highest quality.



For 15 years I’ve traveled the globe meeting and learning from hundreds of olive growers who’ve shown me that every olive oil is unique, each with its own aroma, texture, and flavor profile.  Where they grow, the moment of harvest, how quickly the olives are brought to the mill, and the method of extraction….all contribute to an oils individual identity.”

Nicholas Coleman

Grove and vine

CO-Founder & Oleologist


Step 1

Selection / Importing

All Grove and Vine Coleman Collection extra virgin olive oils are air-shipped stateside during the harvest for absolute quality and freshness.  Our partner producers allow us access to their master tanks to create a unique selection or develop custom blends based on how each cultivar is performing.  The master tanks allow us to focus on specific nuances…a high elevation oil, an early harvest oil, a rare cultivar with unique organoleptic properties, etc.  to create a vibrant, balanced oil with harmony and persistence.

We seek producers who plant the correct cultivar in its ideal microclimate to obtain balanced fruit during the available growing season.  Each year we select four of the finest oil producers to make custom blends at peak freshness.  Two oils are from the northern hemisphere and two from the Southern. The oils are bottled and shipped to each member just after the harvests, guaranteeing your oils are of the freshest and highest quality. 

Step 2

Bottling / QC:

All botting of the Coleman Collection oils is directly overseen by Nicholas Coleman at our state-of-the-art FDA certified East Coast partner bottling facility.  The oil arrives stateside by-air in 1000-liter space totes which are analyzed and compared with the original master tank sample to ensure authenticity and quality control.  The oil is then immediately bottled, labeled, topped and sealed before being quickly kitted and shipped to your door.

Step 3

Kitting / Shipping

Each oil features a hand-typed scroll featuring tasting notes, harvest information, wine pairing suggestions, a regional recipe, and a signed original photograph of the specific site where the olive cultivars grow.  We offer custom gift notes included with each oil typed with a vintage IBM Selectric ii typewriter on textured hand-stamped bond paper. We ship internationally five days per week via FedEx, UPS, or USPS and provide door-to-door tracking.  Domestic East coast deliveries take 2-3 business days, West coast 5-7 business days.  


Our curation philosophy

There is no “best” olive oil.  True beauty lies in regional diversity.  Our ever-evolving curation spans both hemispheres and showcases the varied aromas, flavors and textures of hyper-regional olive culture. 

If we favor any particular style, it is “early harvest” extra virgin olive oils, that is, when the fruit is young and still green.  Early harvest oils were reserved throughout antiquity to nobility as they produced lower yields while packing a vibrant punch of fresh herbs, pleasant bitterness and a pungent, lingering black pepper finish produced by oleocanthal, a natural phenolic compound with both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Our oils are used by some of the most critically acclaimed restaurants and food-service establishments throughout New York City, Boston, LA and beyond.  Should you have any questions at any time, please write us at  We’re here at your service.


Nick and Dan

Grove and Vine