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Interested in hosting an olive oil and or a wine tasting event?

The Grove and Vine experience highlights the unique organoleptic qualities of both oils and wines in the varied micro-climates and soils found in the region and how to pair them with the appropriate cuisines. These tastings are accompanied by a series of breathtaking photographs, showing the entire oil and wine production process from tree to table, including harvesting techniques and pressing methodology. Proper storage, health benefits and structured methods for selecting both oils and wines will be discussed, along with their applications in cooking. This course gives attendees unprecedented access to the exclusive world of Italian olive oil and wine and exposes them to the varied aromas, flavors and textures of the world’s finest producers.

Customize your seminar

Nick and Dan can tailor a seminar to your preferences and tastes sourcing oils and wines from just about anywhere these two products are crafted. The two can also perform hyper-regional tastings of products from one country or even within same regions of a specific country. They are happy to discuss sourcing rare and collectible wines tailored towards your clientele as well. We offer supplementary catering options with cured salumi and cheese platters complete with breads, fruit, nuts, honey, olives and spreads.


Grove and Vine Seminars Include The Following:
• 60, 90, or 120-minute tasting seminar with audio/visual presentation of oil and wine production processes
• Tasting of three (3) premium single-estate extra virgin olive oils
• Tasting of three (3) premium single-estate wine

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